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Live Wild Spice Company founder, Remi Warren has spent the majority of his life in the mountains of the American west as an avid hunter, guide, conservationist, TV personality, and chef.

Recently, it had occurred to Remi that his relentless pursuit for sourcing the highest quality meats from his hunts was rendered null after a quick peek at most labels on the back of the spices in his pantry. After sacrificing time, resources, and immense physical energy to provide the centerpiece of his families meals, he believed there was a better way to honor the wild nature of this animal and give his family a delicious meal covered in only 100% organic seasoning that went through the most rigorous process possible to ensure that only the best possible spices made it on to his dining table, backyard patio, tailgate, or school lunches.

Live Wild Spice Company was created to share this same passion for quality ingredients, delicious flavors, and the true spirit of LIVING WILD with you and your family.

We hope you enjoy.

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Live Wild Heritage Series